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Wild Republic

Giraffe Ecokins Mini 8"

Giraffe Ecokins Mini 8"

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"The first feature of giraffes that you recognize is their long necks. They are herbivores, as they only eat plants, so their necks allow them to reach and eat leaves in trees. In addition, Giraffes' long necks are useful in that they can scan the ground from a further distance as they look for some of their predators. Giraffe zoo stuffed animals are excellent toddler toys, baby toys, and kids' toys as they will go on some outdoor adventures with your loved ones. Whether you are browsing for a gift for teens, Christmas gifts, or a birthday gift for kids, This plushier will be adored. Ecokins are made from 100% fabric and plastic fiberfill. Embroidered eyes and nose. 7 water bottles are used to make one 8 Ecokin. Recycled paper hangs tag with cotton string instead of the plastic tagger. Biodegradable packing. Our Mission has always been to deliver toys and stuffed animals that foster curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature."



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