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Straw Cover Cup 10mm Pink

Straw Cover Cup 10mm Pink

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Absolutely adorable baby unicorn straw covers. Made of BPA free silicone and fits drinking cups size 40 oz. Why are straw toppers the new, next best thing? - they prevent water or any other fav drink from spilling - stop dust or other debris from entering your cup - most importantly it stops wasps or other bugs from entering through the straw Perfect for everyday use, great for summer camps, beach days, walks in the woods, camping or any other outdoor activities. Stay safe with these cute straw toppers! And voila! Your favorite tumbler just got an upgrade that makes it more portable and functional than ever. Please note: this is not a toy and is not recommended for children under 3. Each sold separately. Packaged in a small plastic bag. Size: 10mm Each topper comes individually wrapped. These adorable straw covers are great to protect your drink from dust.



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